Oct 20, 2009

Be true to your Calling and be true to Love each other

For this is thy message to thy servant, as my children we must speak out thy truth and share the

wisdom that has been bestowed upon us. Thy message we speak will enlighten our faith and our

 vision to step out in faith to stand strong in thy word. For this is thy message that I shall place on

your heart, be true to your calling and do not fear my children for thy is the kingdom and thy truth.

 Speak words that will stand against the words that will carry forth on the winds of those that adhere

to only foolish thoughts. For those that speak words that are only true to my name will they be heard

. My children stay focus on your calling rather it be teaching, preaching, evangelist, or what ever

your heart desires. Hear thy message and share it with others as thy heart is full of love for you.