Nov 22, 2009

errors of your ways

Adhere to the errors of your ways, be strong in your ability to do the will that I have commanded you

 to follow. My divine messenger adhere to the ways that will lift others up according to my words.

 Adhere to your faith and stay focus on the path that leads to your blessings. My dear servant I here

your thoughts and your strength shows forth through your love and admiration towards your calling

and others. As one without blemish one must adhere to thy messages and focus on the truth that is so

written, thy truth is thy strength and the truth that one must adhere to errors of our ways and one must

 step forth and be strong in their faith. So, that the errors of our ways may change for the good of thy

servant. Thy servant and thy messenger will truly shine forth through the power of your messages and

 the power of your divine love.