Nov 22, 2009

errors of your ways

Adhere to the errors of your ways, be strong in your ability to do the will that I have commanded you

 to follow. My divine messenger adhere to the ways that will lift others up according to my words.

 Adhere to your faith and stay focus on the path that leads to your blessings. My dear servant I here

your thoughts and your strength shows forth through your love and admiration towards your calling

and others. As one without blemish one must adhere to thy messages and focus on the truth that is so

written, thy truth is thy strength and the truth that one must adhere to errors of our ways and one must

 step forth and be strong in their faith. So, that the errors of our ways may change for the good of thy

servant. Thy servant and thy messenger will truly shine forth through the power of your messages and

 the power of your divine love.

Oct 20, 2009

Be true to your Calling and be true to Love each other

For this is thy message to thy servant, as my children we must speak out thy truth and share the

wisdom that has been bestowed upon us. Thy message we speak will enlighten our faith and our

 vision to step out in faith to stand strong in thy word. For this is thy message that I shall place on

your heart, be true to your calling and do not fear my children for thy is the kingdom and thy truth.

 Speak words that will stand against the words that will carry forth on the winds of those that adhere

to only foolish thoughts. For those that speak words that are only true to my name will they be heard

. My children stay focus on your calling rather it be teaching, preaching, evangelist, or what ever

your heart desires. Hear thy message and share it with others as thy heart is full of love for you.

Oct 7, 2009

Take a Closer Look

"Take a Closer Look: A Spiritual Journey into the Soul " was my very first book I got published and was published in 2002. It is a book of inspirational prose poetry that will inspire readers to take a closer look at their spiritual relationship with God.
It is full of inspiring messages that will inspire you on your journey to becoming closer to Christ. I have included foot notes at the bottom of each poem to help guide you to a better understanding of the poems.

Oct 6, 2009

How can we stay focus on God?

We must continue to pray for our leaders, and each other. We need to continue to be faithful and be true to our faith and continue reading God's word. If we can take two hours a day and give God our full attention. If we can go to football games and support our team players then why is it so hard to take a half and hour to pray for each other? Staying focus on God is not as hard as you may think it is. Focusing on the things that are good, and showing love towards each other.

Oct 5, 2009

Meet the Author Day!

This is a event that gives you the opportunity to meet the author and talk in person and ask questions, sign books, see the different awards, and get information on up coming books, etc.

This is a free event that gives the author a chance to talk about the books he/she wrote. If you are interested in learning about becomeing a published author, or just want to look around come and see what is coming up.

Meet the Author Day!

This is a event that gives you the opportunity to meet the author and talk to h

Sep 25, 2009

God' Voice from the path we Choose

In the light of day, God listens to every word I say. To the stars and to the heavens God's voice is always so pleasant to hear. To feel His abounding love for his children is to see the flow of the river of tears that comes from the heavens. The tears of the ones we left behind, the laughter and the joy of those that are dear to us. God knows the nature of our binding love for those that have gone before us. In the light ofday, God's voice carries with us the beauty of being present in our walk with him and the footprints we leave behind. For those we leave behind to follow the path of our unveiling love for him. The path we choose to follow is the path of righteousness.

How can we make a difference in our kids lives?

What can we do to change the way we view each other?

How can we stand up for those that are easy prey to be picked on by bullies?

How can we silence the name callers, the teasers, and anyone else that may be a threat to someone else?

How can we spread love to someone who has no friends or someone that feels alone?

Let's take the time to pray for our teenagers!

I feel that we should take the time to pray for our teenagers in schools, because of the enemy that walks the hallways seeking out the ones who are weak. It is up to all of us to stop the school violences and end the teasing, name calling, and the bulling before someone gets hurt. We need to watch for the kids that sets alone in the school cafeterias and the ones that have no friends to turn to and anyone else that might be teased by there looks, actions, etc. . The enemy is Satin and the only way to destroy the enemy is by showing love and compassion towards each other and praying for each other. The power of prayer and love has the power to silence the enemy.
Instead of finding ways to spread hate and violence lets try spreading love in the hall ways and standing up for those that are unable to defend them selves from the teasing, etc. Lets take the time to pray every day for our teenagers who are in schools.

Mar 31, 2009

The Divine Calling

For this you are called to be my messenger and my divine servant. For your divine heart and compassion to serve you shall walk in truth and bless others by your words and love for others. You shall apply your gifts and your talents to be use for the glory of the kingdom. You shall follow the footsteps that I have laid out for you. For this you are called out to be my messenger and my divine servant. Have faith as I shall give you the ability to walk in the things you are gifted in. Have faith in your ability to teach in the knowledge that shall be laid out for you. You are a great and faithful servant for many years and now you shall find favor in the things to come. Trust in your understanding of the words of which I will give you through my messages. You have great compassion for others and a great desire to teach others in the glory of your faithfulness. For this you were meant to be my messenger and my servant. Speak forth the truth and knowledge of the things of the kingdom of heaven in which you have many gifts and hidden talents that are not yet be known to you. As you walk in the gifts more talents will be revealed to you through your faith in the knowledge and the teaching through the messages and words.
By Harel R. Lawrence