Mar 31, 2009

The Divine Calling

For this you are called to be my messenger and my divine servant. For your divine heart and compassion to serve you shall walk in truth and bless others by your words and love for others. You shall apply your gifts and your talents to be use for the glory of the kingdom. You shall follow the footsteps that I have laid out for you. For this you are called out to be my messenger and my divine servant. Have faith as I shall give you the ability to walk in the things you are gifted in. Have faith in your ability to teach in the knowledge that shall be laid out for you. You are a great and faithful servant for many years and now you shall find favor in the things to come. Trust in your understanding of the words of which I will give you through my messages. You have great compassion for others and a great desire to teach others in the glory of your faithfulness. For this you were meant to be my messenger and my servant. Speak forth the truth and knowledge of the things of the kingdom of heaven in which you have many gifts and hidden talents that are not yet be known to you. As you walk in the gifts more talents will be revealed to you through your faith in the knowledge and the teaching through the messages and words.
By Harel R. Lawrence

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