Apr 25, 2017

The Simple Truth?

We find ourselves seeking the answers to our everyday problems only to come up
 empty. Why do we struggle to come up with a solution to those questions?  The
simple truth is not always easy to understand.  If we can focus on the simple
truth knowing the answers is not always the right answer we may expect to
discover.  Instead we need to value the expectations that we are not
perfect.  The answers are sometimes in front of us if only we put our trust
 in God and know the simple truth is what is in our hearts and what we
 can accomplish through knowing God's love for us.

Apr 9, 2017

On the Hill Side

Where do I began, I found myself on a hill side wondering, listening, thinking
about the days to come.  A stranger walks up to me, places his hand on my shoulder
and ask if everything is alright. I looked up and I saw the stranger for the first time. 
The stranger called me by my name and I wonder how did he know my name. 
The stranger quietly say I know everyone by there name my son. Then I ask
what shall I call you? The stranger started to walk away and he turned
around and said you already know me if only you listen to my words and do
 what it is written my son.