Apr 25, 2017

The Simple Truth?

We find ourselves seeking the answers to our everyday problems only to come up
 empty. Why do we struggle to come up with a solution to those questions?  The
simple truth is not always easy to understand.  If we can focus on the simple
truth knowing the answers is not always the right answer we may expect to
discover.  Instead we need to value the expectations that we are not
perfect.  The answers are sometimes in front of us if only we put our trust
 in God and know the simple truth is what is in our hearts and what we
 can accomplish through knowing God's love for us.

Apr 9, 2017

On the Hill Side

Where do I began, I found myself on a hill side wondering, listening, thinking
about the days to come.  A stranger walks up to me, places his hand on my shoulder
and ask if everything is alright. I looked up and I saw the stranger for the first time. 
The stranger called me by my name and I wonder how did he know my name. 
The stranger quietly say I know everyone by there name my son. Then I ask
what shall I call you? The stranger started to walk away and he turned
around and said you already know me if only you listen to my words and do
 what it is written my son. 

Dec 15, 2016

Preview of "Surviving the Night"

     It had been a long time since they had been out of the city. As they drove down the two-lane highway, Arthur could only think of comparing the towering heights of the pines to the city skyline. They seemed just as indomitable as those steel and glass constructions. This was what the trip was about wasn’t it? Arthur thought. Getting away and finding some perspective away from the grind of town?

     A small hand touched his and he took it. He leaned over and kissed his girlfriend, Jenna, on the cheek. She smiled at him. “What do you think so far? My coworkers aren’t driving you crazy yet?”

     Arthur twisted in his seat to look at the rest of the passengers. There were twelve of them in total, six couples on this nature retreat. He and Jenna were behind the driver’s seat in the 15-passenger van. Some of the others dozed, they’d all been up before dawn to load their equipment and get on the road. He couldn’t remember all of their names, but he was sure he would figure it out by the end of the day when they were sitting around a fire making marshmallows. “The day is still young.” he said.

     She elbowed him playfully and turned back to the conversation she’d been having with Cheryl who sat beside her. Cheryl’s husband was snoring slightly just behind her. In the driver’s seat sat Mark, his wife Beth beside him in the passenger seat. She had a map spread over her lap at Mark’s behest, but was trying to use the GPS function on her phone. Arthur checked his own. No service. Oh well.

     The outskirts of a small town came into view and Mark directed the vehicle into a parking spot in the back of a small shopping center. “All right,” Mark said, turning around, “We’re going to split up and get some last minute supplies. People in the front we’re headed into the sporting goods store and the back half is going into the grocery store. I have lists.” He passed one to Mark and the other was handed back to... Dave, Arthur thought his name was. Everyone filed out and entered their respective stores.

     Jenna and Cheryl seemed to have the list covered so he wandered the store. This tiny family-owned place was so different than the shining stores back home that hawked subzero sleeping bags and palatial tents. He was perusing the fishing gear near the back of the store when he noticed an old man sorting through flies. “You fish?”

“Not really. This is the first time I’ve been camping since I was a little kid.”

“Where are you headed?”

“Well, we’re renting horses from Elk Ranch and headed up Jim’s Peak.” The old man was silent and Arthur looked up from the expertly tied flies. The old man’s face had gone pale, his gray eyes wide.

“You don’t want to be doing that, son.” he said.

“People go camping on Jim’s Peak and never return. There’s a monster up there. They say it’s half-man and half-Grizzly.” The man said it with such serious that Arthur couldn’t even bring himself to laugh at the absurd idea. Did the old man take him for such a city slicker that he would believe a campfire tale like that?

“Uh, thanks for the warning.” he said, turning to leave the odd old man.

     “It’s not worth the risk, boy!” The old man called after him as Arthur rounded up his companions at the cash register and out of the store. Arthur climbed back into his seat, half afraid that the crazy man from inside the store would pursue them into the parking lot. He could see him now, standing just inside the glass door. He watched them. Arthur looked away.

     “What’s wrong with you?” Jenna asked, laying a hand on his arm, “You look like you saw a ghost or something.”

     “It’s nothing. There was just this really weird guy in the store. He kind of freaked out when he heard where we were going.” Her brow furrowed, but before Arthur could tell her anything the rest of the group climbed noisily into the van laden with bags and the rest of the supplies from the grocery store.

     “Hey,” said Beth, “While we were inside we asked for a recommendation on a good place for lunch. There’s a diner up the road a few miles. It’s on the way to the stables. I figure we can all eat and then head up for our weekend of roughing it!” Everyone agreed, followed by mutterings of how hungry they were and how tired they were of being in the car. Jenna got pulled into a conversation with Cheryl, the odd nature of Arthur’s statement apparently forgotten. Arthur looked out the window and tried to forget the strange man and his absurd words. There had been something though, a twitch in his face that told Arthur the man believed the story. Rural people were strange.

     They pulled up outside of the little diner and walked in. They were the only customers aside from a pair of burly men at a table on the other side of the restaurant. They were dressed in hunting garb, their rifles propped next to their chairs.

     “Do they think they are going to get attacked by Bigfoot in the restaurant or something?” Dave said to Arthur, tilting his head and rolling his eyes at the hunters. Arthur shrugged. They sat down and the waitress appeared within seconds. She was a middle-aged woman and she took their orders down without pen or paper. Arthur really hoped she was able to remember the orders of fourteen people.

     The food was moderately good, nothing spectacular, but hearty. Arthur was scraping his plate of the last of his french fries when the pair of hunters stood up and headed for the door. He was nearest to the cash register and heard the waitress speaking to them. “You going after it?” she asked.

     “Someone’s got to take it down. We’re going up to the cabin to join the others, we haven’t heard from them in a few days.”

     “Well, be safe.” she said. The look of worry stayed on her face as they went through the front door, setting the little bell tinkling. She smoothed her apron with her hands and came back to ask if anyone needed refills or more food. Arthur waved her over, leaning away so Jenna wouldn’t overhear him.

“I couldn’t help but see those gentlemen with their guns. A little late for deer season isn’t it?”

“They ain’t hunting deer. There’s a monster up there on Jim’s Peak.”

“A monster?” It was too weird that he’d talked to two people in this town and they both insisted there was something off.

“I don’t want to say much.” she said, hurrying away and into the kitchens so he couldn’t follow. A monster. A grizzly bear. Men who hadn’t been heard from in several days.

     Arthur was getting a bad feeling about this trip.

Dec 4, 2016

walk in silence

For let us not walk in silence, let our voices be heard.

 Let's cry out to those who are lost and hurting.

 Walk in the love that we shall see vision and bring rejoice to our hearts.

 Let's stand together and bring peace and tranquility in the hearts of those

 struggling to find a voice to speak out against the silence.

Dec 1, 2016

Surviving the Night- Thriller plot.

Beginning of the story-   A group of 12 people on horses decided to go camping in the mountains.  There were six men and six women on the camping trip.  They stopped in town to gather up supplies, and gear they will need at a sporting goods store.  The store keeper asked the group of people where they were going.  One of the guys said they were going camping up in the mountains for the night.  The store keeper warned the group to stay clear of the mountains because there has been rumors of people going camping and never return.  They heard about a creature that lives in the woods that is part man and part grizzly bear.  Afterwards they stopped in a small cafĂ© to eat before they headed to the mountains.    When they arrived they crossed a small stream and continued on into the woods they discovered a hunter’s cabin and behind the cabin there was a river and on the other side were trees and mountains.  The cabin had hitching post in front with a wooden porch.  The door had claw marks and the windows were broken.  There were all types of traps hanging on the wall outside.  They placed the horse in the coral next to the cabin.  When they entered the cabin to get set up for the night they noticed the inside of the cabin was in disarray.  The table was tipped over and everything that was on the shelves was smashed and broken glass on the floor.  The beds were ripped to pieces, there were claw marks all over the inside of the cabin.  The only communication was a broken radio that was on the shelf.  They soon discovered partial remains and blood all over the inside of a room.  They assumed it was a grizzly bear that attacked the cabin because of the claw marks.  They managed to fix the door, radio, and the windows because of the animals getting inside the cabin.  The men gathered up the firewood that was stacked outside and started a fire.  The weather was calling for rain, and will be very cold in the evenings. 

Middle of the story - they started hearing strange sounds outside.  They also noticed strange foot prints by the river.  Then they begin to see the creature that the store keeper told them about.  The creature was about seven feet tall had black fur and stood on two legs. It had the body of a man but the head was like a grizzly bear.  It had two arms with long sharp claws.  The eyes were blood shot red like devil eyes.  It looked like it would weigh about 1,000 lbs.  The creature began attacking the horses that were in the coral.  Then the creature started clawing at the door trying to get inside the cabin.  Couple of guys managed to grab their guns and started shooting at the creature and was unsuccessful.  The creature broke the door and tearing up the inside the cabin.  It grabbed hold of one of the guys with the gun and tore him to shreds.  Then it continue attacking everyone else.  Another guy fired several rounds and still was not able to kill the creature.  It just took one swipe of its paw and sliced the guy in half.  Then the other ten people split off into the other rooms and began placing heavy objects against the door to keep the creature out.  The creature managed to break through one door and managed to kill another person while the others escaped out of the windows and started running towards the river.

End of the story- there were 9 people left and they were able to leave the cabin.  Three people tried to swim across the river to the other side but the creature caught up to two of them and the other was lost in the river.  Only six made it across the river in couple of canoes they found near the river to try and get some help.  They soon discovered an old abandoned mine shaft and they were hoping to find something they can use to kill the beast.  They managed to find some boxes of dynamite deep inside the mine.  The creature followed the small group that escaped the cabin and started to attack the others before they can get help.  One guy and two girls found a way out of the mine and planted sticks of dynamite near the exit of the mine.  The guy and one girl was wounded by the creature.

The three that survived the night managed to kill the creature and was able to get out the woods alive.  They headed down towards the river and started building a fire to keep warm. They were rescued by a forest ranger in a helicopter that spotted them by the river.   

Sep 4, 2016

Draw near to me

My Children draw near to me, my message I have for you.  Stand firm in the light

For the light will be your invitation to come into the light.  The light we endure

will give you strength to share my divine with others.  The admiration is our

calling to draw near to me for my love for you is great and will dwell in your life.

Allow  our love to grow in our lives as we shall walk in the light of those who

dwell in the Spirit.  My children I shall be with you always.  The light we endure

 will be shown through our faith.

Jun 20, 2016

The Divine Calling

For this you are called to be my messenger and my divine servant. For your divine heart and

compassion to serve you shall walk in truth and bless others by your words and love for others. You

 shall apply your gifts and your talents to be use for the glory of the kingdom. You shall follow the

footsteps that I have laid out for you. For this you are called out to be my messenger and my divine

servant. Have faith as I shall give you the ability to walk in the things you are gifted in. Have faith in

your ability to teach in the knowledge that shall be laid out for you. You are a great and faithful

servant for many years and now you shall find favor in the things to come. Trust in your

understanding of the words of which I will give you through my messages. You have great

compassion for others and a great desire to teach others in the glory of your faithfulness. For this you

were meant to be my messenger and my servant. Speak forth the truth and knowledge of the things of

 the kingdom of heaven in which you have many gifts and hidden talents that are not yet be known to

 you. As you walk in the gifts more talents will be revealed to you through your faith in the

knowledge and the teaching through the messages and words.