Dec 1, 2016

Surviving the Night- Thriller plot.

Beginning of the story-   A group of 12 people on horses decided to go camping in the mountains.  There were six men and six women on the camping trip.  They stopped in town to gather up supplies, and gear they will need at a sporting goods store.  The store keeper asked the group of people where they were going.  One of the guys said they were going camping up in the mountains for the night.  The store keeper warned the group to stay clear of the mountains because there has been rumors of people going camping and never return.  They heard about a creature that lives in the woods that is part man and part grizzly bear.  Afterwards they stopped in a small café to eat before they headed to the mountains.    When they arrived they crossed a small stream and continued on into the woods they discovered a hunter’s cabin and behind the cabin there was a river and on the other side were trees and mountains.  The cabin had hitching post in front with a wooden porch.  The door had claw marks and the windows were broken.  There were all types of traps hanging on the wall outside.  They placed the horse in the coral next to the cabin.  When they entered the cabin to get set up for the night they noticed the inside of the cabin was in disarray.  The table was tipped over and everything that was on the shelves was smashed and broken glass on the floor.  The beds were ripped to pieces, there were claw marks all over the inside of the cabin.  The only communication was a broken radio that was on the shelf.  They soon discovered partial remains and blood all over the inside of a room.  They assumed it was a grizzly bear that attacked the cabin because of the claw marks.  They managed to fix the door, radio, and the windows because of the animals getting inside the cabin.  The men gathered up the firewood that was stacked outside and started a fire.  The weather was calling for rain, and will be very cold in the evenings. 

Middle of the story - they started hearing strange sounds outside.  They also noticed strange foot prints by the river.  Then they begin to see the creature that the store keeper told them about.  The creature was about seven feet tall had black fur and stood on two legs. It had the body of a man but the head was like a grizzly bear.  It had two arms with long sharp claws.  The eyes were blood shot red like devil eyes.  It looked like it would weigh about 1,000 lbs.  The creature began attacking the horses that were in the coral.  Then the creature started clawing at the door trying to get inside the cabin.  Couple of guys managed to grab their guns and started shooting at the creature and was unsuccessful.  The creature broke the door and tearing up the inside the cabin.  It grabbed hold of one of the guys with the gun and tore him to shreds.  Then it continue attacking everyone else.  Another guy fired several rounds and still was not able to kill the creature.  It just took one swipe of its paw and sliced the guy in half.  Then the other ten people split off into the other rooms and began placing heavy objects against the door to keep the creature out.  The creature managed to break through one door and managed to kill another person while the others escaped out of the windows and started running towards the river.

End of the story- there were 9 people left and they were able to leave the cabin.  Three people tried to swim across the river to the other side but the creature caught up to two of them and the other was lost in the river.  Only six made it across the river in couple of canoes they found near the river to try and get some help.  They soon discovered an old abandoned mine shaft and they were hoping to find something they can use to kill the beast.  They managed to find some boxes of dynamite deep inside the mine.  The creature followed the small group that escaped the cabin and started to attack the others before they can get help.  One guy and two girls found a way out of the mine and planted sticks of dynamite near the exit of the mine.  The guy and one girl was wounded by the creature.

The three that survived the night managed to kill the creature and was able to get out the woods alive.  They headed down towards the river and started building a fire to keep warm. They were rescued by a forest ranger in a helicopter that spotted them by the river.   

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