May 27, 2010

The Daunting task of a Struggling Author

The daunting task of a struggling author is a task that many authors

may face in this world of writers who struggle to stay afloat. As a

writer myself I have found that the task of staying a float is very

difficult at times, because of the overwelming desire to just

give up and not to write any more books. When is it the time to

say, I did all I can and I am not going any where with my book and

just give up? How much time do you spend on advertising, promoting,

marketing your book only to find you are just spinning your wheels?

The daunting task that many authors will spend their life savings

trying to make it to the best sellers list. Why is new authors

write their first book and end up on the best sellers list while

others struggle to just sell a few copies? How many copies of

books can you sell just to break even or just enough to pay your

bills? How much money will you spend on different advertising,

marketing plans,etc. before it is time to call it quits?