May 1, 2010

Be true with compassion!

May the glory of the Lord bless you that your heart be true with compasssion, may your footsteps be a path of true beauty , walk in the light of His glory so that you will listen to the whisper of a child's heart in the wind. May your compassion be true to those that are in despair. May the wind whisper in your ear the prayers of those who are in need of your heart. May the Lord speak to your heart and whisper the words of compassion. As the days be filled with joy so will the hearts of those that have true compassion. May the mountains carry the voices up to the heavens with the love of those that seek His name on most high. The rivers that flow so peaceful through the valleys and the rushing of the waters that will break your spirit with great compassion. May your tears be filled with drops of love and compassion for those that are feeling sad.