Sep 25, 2009

Let's take the time to pray for our teenagers!

I feel that we should take the time to pray for our teenagers in schools, because of the enemy that walks the hallways seeking out the ones who are weak. It is up to all of us to stop the school violences and end the teasing, name calling, and the bulling before someone gets hurt. We need to watch for the kids that sets alone in the school cafeterias and the ones that have no friends to turn to and anyone else that might be teased by there looks, actions, etc. . The enemy is Satin and the only way to destroy the enemy is by showing love and compassion towards each other and praying for each other. The power of prayer and love has the power to silence the enemy.
Instead of finding ways to spread hate and violence lets try spreading love in the hall ways and standing up for those that are unable to defend them selves from the teasing, etc. Lets take the time to pray every day for our teenagers who are in schools.

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