Feb 8, 2010

Do not be complaisant in thy walk

My divine messenger and thy servant do not be complaisant in your walk so that ye would lose your first love. Adhere to thy word for your peace of mind and bring ye strength to ye faith. Take thy message to thy heart as a warning that thy walk is stagnant. Be sure that thy heart stays true to thy word and thy first love is not lost to those who will lead ye to stray. There are those who have fallen away and are complaisant in their walk and are very stagnant in their growth of thy faith. For thy faith to stay true, and thy first love would stay strong according thy
word. One must examine thy walk and ask for thy help from thy brethern in faith. Stand firm together in thy word and rebuke thy complaisant and thy stagnant walk. For thy brethern adhere to thy first love as a focus to those that seek your guidance and be humble and understanding. Thy knowlege that ye know comes from thy faith, as thy teacher and thy servant will surely walk in thy light. As thy servant and thy messenger ye are not weak, just stay focus on thy walk and not fall away.

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