May 4, 2010

Author and poet Harel R. Lawrence invites readers along with him on a
spiritual journey with his book of poetic reflections, Take a Closer
Look: A Spiritual Journey into the Soul (published by AuthorHouse),
powerful examination of faith, love and spirituality that will opens readers’ eyes to God’s presence in their everyday lives.
Challenging readers to walk in truth and light, Take a Closer Look conveys the enduring truth that in spite of adversity, there will always be hope, love and peace for God’s children. Lawrence captures the constant persistence of faith in our lives with “Sharing the Light with Others”, featured here in excerpt:

Are our lives so different that we can only find the light in certain people.
Must we look farther than the stars to see the light in others? If our lives
are so different, the light we shall see will be different too. It is not the light
that makes us different, because the light gives us the strength to go on.
As we shall follow this path, we will all see the light together and our lives
will be the same, even though we are different in ways we cannot
describe. Later in life it will not be different, so we must not be confused
and turn away, because of the way we see others. We share the light with
them by opening our hearts and letting light in. Then the light will be
stronger than one person could see alone.


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